How to use particle と/to in Japanese

What are Japanese participles?

Let’s learn particle と/to for now.

How to use particle と/to

と/to can sometimes be translated as "with" (meaning accompaniment) and sometimes "and."

<Example 1>
Tomodachi to ryokoo ni itta.
ともだち と りょこう に いった。
友達 と 旅行 に 行った。
[friends with traveling went]
I went traveling with my friends.

<Example 2>
Satoo to shio o katta.
さとう と しお を かった。
砂糖 と 塩 を 買った。
[sugar and salt bought]
I bought sugar and salt.

と/to is not always equivalent to the English word and, however. と/to is used only to link series of nouns or pronouns, and cannot be used to link verbs or clauses.